Research & Science Policy

Research is in Princeton's DNA. From the senior thesis to research projects conducted by Nobel laureate professors, research is done in every department of the University. 

According to experts, including Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow, technological and related innovation in the past half-century have been the dominant factor -- in the range of 60 percent-- in economic growth; this will be equally true in the decades ahead, if not more so (National Academy of Arts and Sciences, "Restoring the Foundation:The Vital Role of Research in Preserving the American Dream (2014)).  Federally-funded research at universities provides the foundation for advanced technological products and break though medical cures.  Without research, technological growth cannot go forward because it would be "akin to attempting to operate an automobile factory without a loading dock for steel, aluminum or rubber " (National Academies).  Research activity at universities leads to new businesses, markets and jobs and enormous benefits to  health and national security..    

Funding for the majority of research at Princeton comes from the federal government through various agencies. The major agencies supporting Princeton research include: